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2023 Brochure Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

Introduction: The Power of an Eye-Catching Brochure

The brochure is one of the most important things for a company because it will represent its face to many potential buyers. For example, if you offer web design services, your brochure should reflect the design quality you will give to your future customers. 

Upon a brochure, many people will reject you or take interest in you. If your brochure is perfect, there is a high chance people might buy something they don’t need just because they are impressed by the quality you’re claiming to offer.

Designers try their best to make their company’s brochure look as attractive as possible, but they’re doing it in the traditional ways, and people just find them ordinary and move on to the next one. Today, in this blog, we will discuss some new trends in brochure designs that will make the readers unable to skip your brochure.

Unique Shapes and Patterns

Whenever we think about brochures, we only think of a rectangular piece of paper with advertisements on it. But who set these standards, and why is it only in rectangles? There are no answers to these questions, and it is only a tradition to keep it rectangular. However, there are unlimited shapes in which you can have your brochure printed.

In 2023, we will have many unusual shapes in trend. Rectangular brochures are a thing of the past, and now we have brochures in all shapes and sizes, such as circles, triangles, diamonds, pentagons, and so on. All of this depends on your product and marketing plans.

Also, this way, your brochure will look unusual and more attractive. This will help you leave a very long-lasting impression on your customers, and you will have the opportunity to grab their attention as soon as they have your brochure.


Brochures usually contain graphic images of the product they are trying to sell. The product is captured from many angles and is present on the front page of the brochure. In the case of services, it is usually people using that service. This is very old, and now people just skip such brochures.

It is good that you’re describing your product, but this is a very old and uninteresting way of marketing it. Illustration can be present instead of these bland photos to make your brochure look more fun and exciting. 

For example, if you’re an app development agency and you want to sell your app development services, you can have an illustration of user interface design on the first page. Illustrations don’t mean they have to be funny or cartoony; they can be anything, just not boring.

We all are bored of watching technology and everything so shiny and perfect in our everyday lives. The first thing we think when we see a brochure is that it is also some new technological item that we don’t need, but when you have an illustration on your brochure, it gives the feeling of something handmade and natural, which will grab attention.

Minimalistic Approach

We recommend all of our customers and also all of our readers to have a minimalistic approach when it comes to brochure design. A brochure should contain fewer elements and less text to look neat and clean so that the reader should at least try to read it.

If a brochure is stuffed with text and pictures, nobody will try to read it. It will feel like an impossible task, and people will ignore it even if you’ve mentioned something important about your service or product.

Colors are also critical; if you have a brochure with tens of bright colors, you will only annoy your reader. Try to be simplistic and use a simple background color, and if you want a foreground color as well, then try to choose a foreground color that complements the background. 

Such brochures with a minimalistic approach and peaceful color combinations usually have a higher readability and are more interesting than normal ones. You can never go wrong with a minimalistic approach, and you will attract a lot of attention.

Vintage Art

Vintage art is one of the most growing trends in brochures in 2023. The science behind this is that you are more likely to trust a company if they can convince you that they’re old enough, and with the help of vintage art, it can be done easily.

You might have seen some of the brochures with vintage art in them, but now you will see more of them as this trend is increasing daily. Vintage art takes you back to the 80s and 90s, and you will remember this product or service whenever you think about the old times.

If you’re an old brand and have been providing quality for a long time, then this is perfect for a company like yours. You can tell your journey to your customers with the help of vintage art and use your history to convince them to buy from you.


You can also add different textures to your brochures to give them a unique feeling. If you’re printing on paper, it will cost you a little bit more than that, but having a different texture will make you stand out from your competition. 

Some people keep it as something unique and new and show it to their friends and family. For instance, instead of paper, you can have a leather touch on the front of your brochure or a design or illustration raised from your brochure. 

Wrap Up!

These were some of the best techniques and trends most designers used in 2023 to make their brochures look interesting. If you also want an expert opinion and a professionally made company brochure, try Kamsoft Technologies. We are the most experienced in this field, and we guarantee you will attract much attention with our uniquely designed brochures.

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