Blender and Unity

With a spike in demand for animated material for marketing, several animated software are popular in the industry. From composites to vector activities and special visualizations to movement design, animation software solutions can help boost your digital marketing campaign.

If you are a newbie animator or an animation company looking for a decent animation tool, this post is for you. Blender and Unity are two of the most well-reputed animation tools; which is better? Let us find out together.

Unity Vs Blender: Which is Better?

While both Unity and Blender are great animation software in their own right, here is a quick comparison between the two titans in the animation industry.


If you are looking for an open-source 3D animation suite, Blender is the right choice for you. Blender comes packed with various features that support 3D modeling, pipeline, rigging, simulation, animation, rendering, motion tracking and composting.

You can also use Blender for game creation and video editing. In simple terms, it is one of the best animation and design tools to assist your company with modeling, rendering, simulation, video editing and VFX.

Some of the best services offered by Blender include shots and animation breakdowns, shots walkthroughs, texture and shades and access to render manager and shot-list software.


While Blender comes with several benefits, here are some significant ones.

  •         Handling design and visualization issues
  •         Open-source platform with an active community to help keep Blender software up-to-date
  •         User-friendly interface
  •         Clear and labelled user interface
  •         Hotkeys for shortcut functions
  •         A wide range of functionalities, including 3D texturing, modeling, UV unwrapping, rendering, fluid simulation, sculpting etc.
  •         Customized pricing based on your specific needs and the functions you wish to avail yourself in the suite


Are you looking for a tool that allows not only animated content creation but also real-time workflows? If yes, Unity is a perfect fit for your needs. Unity has the ability to speed up conventional operations and give animation artists and producers more freedom to create as per their requirements.

If you want a platform that is flexible with artistic iterations and rapid feedback, this one is for you. While you can use Unity for any of your animation needs, it is best suited for designing transportation, automotive, and architectural animations.

Unity is a game engine that enables you to create customized splash screens and human-machine interfaces. Moreover, you can also build augmented reality (AR) simulations.

From knowledge base to live help, documentation to issue tracking and customer service to premium support, Unity offers a wide array of services. You can even use it for ads, IAP and analytics.


Some of the most appreciated and widespread benefits offered by Unity are as follows:

  •         Customization options allow 3D artists, directors and producers to create or develop awesome games and gaming interfaces.
  •         Irrespective of what style of video game you wish to develop, Unity works with all. You can use Unity with a 2D or 3D view, Shoot ’em Up and RPG platforms.
  •         The interface to store your project files and folders is easy-to-use and logical.
  •         You can buy additional elements from the asset store. This will help you cope with more extensive projects and buy new features as and when they release.
  •         Similar to Blender, Unity also offers customized pricing packages based on your individual needs.

The Takeaway

Unity and Blender are potent 3D animation suites. Which one is best for you depends on your needs. Based on the comparison above, you can take a deeper look into both tools and decide which one suits your requirement and budget as well.

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