Corporate animation services are gaining popularity across all industries. Whether a 2D explainer animation video or a 3D commercial animation, it can offer you a wide range of benefits and your company ahead of the rest of the competition.

An animation video production not only brings your business idea to life but may also create a universal appeal for it. You can use a 2D/3D animated video to explain a complex idea to your client, train your employees or educate your customers.

For instance, a 3D animated commercial is an effective medium to evoke customers’ emotions. This, in return, will further translate into boosting your conversion rate and, eventually, sales volumes.

So how do you create a perfect animation? Let us find out together.

3 Tips to Make a Perfect Animated Video

Prior to starting your 2D or 3D animation project, make sure to think creatively and outside the box. This will not only help you explore different animated video production ideas but also make an impressive one. That said, here are three tips to make a good animation video.

#1 – Applying Templates

Using pre-made templates is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to ensure that your 2D/3D animated videos come out looking great. You can use a decent 2D/3D animation tool with pre-existing template with customization options.

This way, you will be able to add your brand color, fonts, logo, and other visual elements to give your video animation a personal brand touch.

#2 – Hiring a 2D/3D Animation Company

Working with a professional 2D/3D animation studio is an excellent idea, especially if it is your first corporate video animation project. This will not only ensure that you get a high-quality animated video but also produce a cost-efficient, engaging, and entertaining one.

All you need is to search online for the most-trusted 2D/3D video animation companies in your area. Gather as many quotes as possible and choose the one offering the best value for money.

#3 – Sketches are the Foundation

When initiating a 2D/3D animation project, your first step should be drawing sketches of the idea. If you have a complete image of what you want in your head, create a visual of it on a piece of paper or using 3D animation software.

This will give you an idea about if your vision will look as good in reality as it did in your head. You can work with a 2D/3D animation artist by asking them to draw your sketches.

Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Brand Animations

No matter the purpose of your animations, make sure to avoid the following mistakes.

  •         Try not to create complex animations.
  •         Make sure your animation speed is suitable for the customers to understand what you are trying to convey.
  •         Always remember the core objective and message of your animation.
  •         Avoid inconsistency of cuts and transitions

Make Brand Animations with Kamsoft Technologies

Regardless of the size and niche of your company, Kamsoft Technologies can help produce top-notch and highly creative 2D/3D business animations. We have a team of expert and highly qualified 2D and 3D animators using cutting-edge tools in our state-of-the-art animation studios.

Have an animation idea in mind? Speak to our animation team today.


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