Marvelous Designer

3D fashion designers and animators waited a long time for a solution to design and produce 3D clothing for animated characters and catalogs. Thanks to Marvelous Designer, truly revolutionary and game-changing software that allows fashionistas, 3D animators, and the apparel industry to create realistic and dynamic clothing for the virtual world and environments.

No matter what your needs are, if you want to animate 3D clothing, Marvelous Designer is the perfect option for you. So, what is Marvelous Designer, and what can it do for you? Let us dive right and explore together.

Marvelous Designer: Why a Game Changer

Whenever 3D animators and artists find themselves in a situation where they have to design and animate 3D clothing and other apparel items, Marvelous Designer is the top choice for the majority. Marvelous Designer, also known as MD, is a powerful tool for creating dynamic and life-like clothing for 3D artwork, video games, TV shows, animated movies, fashion catalogs, NFTs, and Metaverse.

Big or small, MD is one of the most popular choices amongst the top animation production companies and game production studios. Whether you wish to design sportswear or a fashionable clothing item for animated characters, Marvelous Designer will not disappoint you at all.

Why Marvelous Designer?

While numerous software claims to be the best in 3D clothing design, the expensive price tag is a big deal breaker. Whether you are an animation studio or a freelancing animator, MD is the most incredible 3D clothing design solution that comes at a very economical price.

So, if you want clothing animation software offering good value for money, you cannot get another as good as Marvelous Designer.

Furthermore, you can also use MD to design 3D clothing for print media projects. For instance, you are a book publisher looking to design realistic and high-quality clothing for the main characters of the book cover. In that case, you can hire a cover artist specializing in creating 3D clothing on Marvelous Designer.

MD is also great for designing curtains, pillows, bed covers, and several other clothing items. In simpler terms, if it is an item that belongs in your closet, Marvelous Designer can create one for you.


Marvelous Designer will amaze you with the level of perfection and number of features and tools it offers to create unparalleled 3D clothing for animations. Investigation experts and law enforcement agencies use this powerful software to create 3D clothing and other apparel products to recreate crime scenes.

In the end, if you wish to create beautiful and dynamic clothing animations, do not look any further than Marvelous Designer. If you want to pursue a career as an animator for the fashion industry, MD is the best option to help you get better and faster at sculpting and modeling 3D clothing and apparel items.

At Kamsoft Technologies, we have an in-house team of expert animators with expertise in Marvelous Designer. Check out our video to see what we can do with this power solution.


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