Are you thinking about creating fascinating UX designs for your customers? If yes, you are in the right place, as today you will learn about wireframes. The term wireframing refers to a crucial phase of your product design process.

So, what are wireframes, and what do they do? Let us explore.

What is Wireframing?

If you want to design a website starting at its structural level, wireframing is an efficient method. You can use a wireframe to lay out your web page’s functionality and content while keeping your users’ journey and needs in consideration.

You use the wireframing technique in the initial development phase of your website. This helps you establish the basic web page structure before you can add any content and/or visual design to the website.

Is Wireframing Essential to Your UI Design?

Wireframe helps define how you want your web page layout to look like. The wireframing process also allows you to demonstrate how and what elements of the interface will exit on your key web pages. In simple terms, wireframing is a critical component when it comes to designing your user interaction.

One of the core purposes of a wireframe is to allow you to understand a web page visually. This way, you can get the project team and stakeholders to approve the layout before you can start developing the page.

You can also use wireframes to create a secondary and global navigational experience so that the website structure meets user expectations.

Is It Easy to Use Wireframes?

The answer is ‘yes.’ Wireframes are easier to adapt compared to the concept design process. It is also the quickest and most cost-effective approach to amend or review the structure of your key web pages.

You can iterate the wireframe development to its final version. This will help your design team and clients to be sure about what to expect and that the web pages will cater to all the requirements and user needs.

When Do You Apply Wireframing?

The process of wireframing takes place during the early stage of your website’s development lifecycle. You can use it to complete a user-centered website design. The process also allows you to run a prototype usability test to gain user feedback about the web pages’ UI/UX before you start the creative process.

You can use hand drawings to create wireframes. Alternatively, you can create a digital version of wireframes using Microsoft Visio or similar software. However, you must make your wireframes in HTML if you are going to use them for a prototype usability test.

What are the benefits of Wireframing?

There are several advantages of the wireframing technique.

  •         It can give you an early insight into web design visuals for client review.
  •         Your users can review the web page’s design, navigation, and experience and provide feedback via prototype usability tests.
  •         You can amend wireframes more conveniently than concept designs.
  •         The wireframes also ensure that your web pages’ functionality and content are in the correct position according to business and user requirements.
  •         You can use wireframes in the advanced stages of the web development process for a valuable dialogue between project teams to mutually agree upon the project’s scope and vision.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Wireframing?

Wireframes do not come with any account or design for the website’s technical implications. Therefore, it may sometimes not be so easy for the client to understand the entire concept. As a web developer, you will have to translate each wireframe into your web design. 

This means, you need adequate communication between project teams and members to understand each design element.

Furthermore, adding content to the web page may be too much for the wireframe layout to fit in. Therefore, a copywriter and web designer must work closely to ensure that the content created is a good fit for the wireframes created.

The Bottomline

Wireframing is an excellent strategy to get your client’s and user’s feedback and approval before you start creating the web pages. This is not only an efficient but also cost-effective way to execute a design process to create desired user interface and user experience for each web page and the website as a whole.

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