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The Impact of Cloud Computing on Software Development and Deployment

Most people say cloud computing is the way of the future, and now every big firm is moving towards it. Cloud Computing has diverse effects on so many areas, but the area we are going to discuss in today’s blog is software development and deployment.

In this blog today, we will talk in detail about the impact of cloud computing on software development and deployment. We will analyze how it is changing the software development world and what things in software development have changed after this innovation.

The Beginning of Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms are not very new, and such technologies started in the early 2010s. For instance, the famous platform Microsoft Azure was announced in 2008 and was available to the public in 2010. In recent years, it has transformed from being a basic storage platform to a full-fledged cloud services provider.

Similarly, the Amazon Web Service was released in 2004 and re-released with some essential features in 2006. They also provide cloud computing services now. With the help of AWS, users can build scalable and highly functional applications that are better in terms of resilience as compared to applications that are hosted locally.

The Transformative Impact of Cloud Computing

Most software development companies in the world have moved forward from a monolithic computing structure. Most IT software solutions companies are interested in making their applications more decentralized. 

To increase the overall performance, companies have stopped using serial processing and started using techniques like multi-threading and parallel processing. This helps them to improve speed and make their applications more scalable. 

In the old times, developers usually used to make tests to do the quality assurance of the software. Mean time between failures (MTBF) is the benchmark to test the software. The thinking was that software failure was inevitable, and we should prepare to handle it.

All of these areas have changed after cloud computing, thanks to the features and possibilities it has to offer. Nowadays, cloud computing is very normalized, and developers can easily use cloud computing services. These services have proved to be efficient in terms of time and money.

The Many Services Enabled by Cloud Computing

If we go back to the early 2010s, the only area where developers used cloud computing was storage. Now, several areas of software development are influenced by cloud computing. We have provided a small list of such areas that come under the radar of cloud computing.


Storage was the feature that was first introduced by cloud services. With the help of cloud computing, private backup and recovery, and data storage and hosting were made possible. This is the most affected field, and cloud computing innovated it with features like file versioning and automatic synchronization.


Thanks to cloud computing, we now have scalable databases for our applications that provide services like SSD storage so that data retrieval can be faster, data redundancy, pipelines, and much more.

Content Delivery 

This feature allows you to transfer data over the cloud and place data over the cloud.


Deployment has also become accessible after the advent of cloud computing, as cloud computing service providers now offer continuous deployment services to software development companies. Automated deployments are also possible with the help of cloud computing.


With the help of this feature, you can now run your applications on the system of the cloud services provider. With this technology, developers and  IT software solutions companies are not required to buy expensive servers and use the provider’s system. They will get to more computing power without spending for it.

Machine Learning

Cloud providers have also introduced services that will help in the emerging fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Container Support

You can now run containers such as dockers with the help of cloud computing services.


Since cloud services are expanding with every passing day, you can now manage these services as well. You can configure authentication, security, scalability, and other benefits with the help of this feature.

Mobile Services

This feature will enable you to change mobile applications and work with other features of your mobile application, such as data storage, push notifications, analytics, and much more. This means you will have better control over your applications made for mobile devices.


With these services, you can manage the domain’s name, VPN services, load balancing, and much more related to networking. The impact on networking is also very significant, and there have been many changes in this area thanks to cloud computing.

Website Management

With website management services provided by cloud services providers, you can manage web services, DNS services, and much more. Other features such as web hosting, data management, analytics, and much more are also changed and improved.


With cloud services, you can instantly access your business’s analytics, intelligence, and other growth-related tools.

Application Services

With these services, you can access the APIs of web services and many more amazing features. There is no limit to it, including services such as movie or clip streaming to provide notification. It can be any service related to an application.

Wrap Up!

Cloud Computing has drastically changed software development and deployment and affected almost all related areas. We at Kamsoft utilize the best cloud computing techniques. As a software development company and software solutions provider, our main motive is to make the best and most highly functional websites.

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